Springtime - Detox & Rejuvenation Time

 In Ayurveda, spring time is a time of cleansing & detoxing. Spring is Kapha season & embodies heaviness. Some of us may feel sluggish and experience a Kapha accumulation during this time. A seasonal routine will help us eliminate accumulated toxins (ama) and support our physiology in it's natural springtime rejuvenation process.

What does that mean? When we align our diet and lifestyle with routines that encourage lightness and dryness we move naturally with the rhythms of nature, and move effortlessly through the seasons.

Gradually reduce heavy and oil foods & opt for lighter meals. You may find yourself craving fruits, salads and fresh veggies.
Embrace the light-heartedness of springtime....wake up early, create a stimulating morning routine, enjoy your friends and family...springtime is a natural time to socialize.
Herbal Support:
Boost your energy & support your immune system! Consider adding an ayurvedic detox tea & aloe vera juice to your diet.

Posted: April 2017

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Spice Up your Life!


Garam Masala - Pronounced gah-RAHM mah-SAH-lah

This amazing spice blend not only makes a dish more flavorful and interesting, it also is loaded with powerful health benefits.  Garam Masala is known to have all of the six tastes (rasas), which makes a perfectly balanced dish.  Add this spice to stews, soups, vegetarian dishes, as well as meat.

There are many variations and brands of Garam Masala available at the grocery store, however, there is nothing tastier than making your own at home!  Learn how to make this spice blend when attending my Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking Class.  

Among many other health benefits: Garam Masala is immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar levels & improves your digestive fire.

Posted: January 2017

Why drink Hot Water with Lemon


This Ayurvedic morning ritual has immense benefits!

Consider replacing your cup of coffee with a glass of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning.

Lemon water stimulates your digestive system and your liver, which helps to flush toxins out of your system.  It will improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, as well as help you lose weight and keep you hydrated.  The vitamin C in lemons will also help boost your immune system.  In all, a great way to help detox your body and skin! 

Make sure to use organic lemons…fresh and organic is always best!  You may also add a couple of sliced of fresh ginger or a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

Posted: December 2016

Nourish your Digestive System


Keep your digestive fire (agni) strong!

One of the biggest problems and causes for a weak digestive system is the consumption of processed foods.  Over time a bad diet will contribute to the buildup of toxins, or ama as it is called in Ayurveda.  We need to keep our digestion strong in order to prevent disease.

  • Eat whole foods / organic fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t overeat.  Leave room in your stomach to digest your food.
  • Take your time to properly chew your food.
  • Eat your meals in a relaxed environment.  
  • Avoid eating your meals while working at your desk or driving.

Posted: November 2016